The Fabric of Our Souls … or maybe just the Dish Towels

When it comes to dish towels, I have a large stack in the kitchen that I have collected over the years.  I definitely have my favorites but have never really thought why until now.  Some  factors I took into consideration are feel, durability, absorbency, and dry time.  Some choices for materials for the dish towels are cotton, linen, microfiber, hemp and bamboo.

After researching the printing methods, I knew I wanted a natural fiber, So microfiber being a synthetic material was eliminated first. 

Hamp and Bamboo are Both great Natural choices. They are both absorbent with Hemp being mold and mildew resistant and Bamboo being antibacterial and hypoallergenic naturally. 

They are both sustainable options because they grow quickly and have minimal impact on the environment.  However, these materials are relatively new and not necessarily prevalent everywhere.  But hopefully in the near future, these materials will be more common.  

Cotton is an obvious popular choice because it is natural,absorbent and has a softness.  It is also very durable and can tolerate repeated use and washing while maintaining its absorbency. However, it can get staurated quickly, remain wet and have a long drying time. 

Another great natural choice is linen.  Its fibers are strong and can withstand wear and tear.  It is also lint free, highly absorbent and quick-drying.  However, linen towels can feel rough initially but will eventually soften and become more absorbent over time.  

So when I saw a cotton- linen blend option at the printer that I chose, I knew that would be the best choice.  A combination of softness, highly absorbency and durability. 

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